25 Ways to Reuse your PLR Content + My Preferred Go-to AIO Traffic Guide

Hi again.

So, it’s been a hot minute, eh? On my twitter account I made a tweet saying I would do a case study on how I made $8 in a month off fiverr… I’m not entirely sure if I’m going to do that anymore… I feel as if I may embarass myself lol…

Anyway, I’ve got something free for you again that’s full of value. If you haven’t already googled and downloaded it, you can get it right here. The name of the guide is 25 ways to Reuse your PLR content by Jeremy Burns.

Unfortunately, in this guide there are a bunch of links that may lead to nowhere and I’m sorry for that but nonetheless, the information is really what I want you guys to grasp here. I feel like Jeremy really did a good job with this one and I’d hate for y’all to miss out on some “gold nuggets” he has in the report.

Anyway, get it here.

Lastly, I also have a traffic guide for you that is my go-to first before everything else. The guide is jam packed with information and I feel that a good amount of it is still current. Now, as for you seo buffs, you might try to tear me down by saying something about google updates and such and such…

But it’s still a good guide regardless of that. I highly urge you to take a read. Get it here.

Besides, all this stuff is FREE. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of that?

6 ways to make money using PLR products

So I came across this post on the warrior forum detailing “6 Easy and Effective Ways to Earn Money From PLR Products“. It’s a good quick read and if you have not read it yet, you can click here and it’ll take you straight there.

However, if you did not read it, well I don’t know what to tell you. I’m just going to go over quickly what I thought of it and maybe if you read between the lines you can catch what he was saying.

1) Buy PLR products and resell those to customers.

I always wanted to do this, you know, buy plr products (especially the huge business in a box ones!) and resell them to customers (unedited). But, the majority of plr providers nowadays do not let you do this, due to their name or likeness being transferred to another customer through their work.

Plus, I always wondered, how am I gonna do this if:

  • The plr product was probably already sold to other people, who are reselling it to other people which in turn results in a TON of competition…
  • I am not an authority in said subject (i.e. coin collecting, I don’t know SQUAT about that)

On top of this, the straw that could break the camel’s back is…

that the LICENSE says the “seller” can only sell “Personal Rights” to the end product after it’s edited.

I guess it’s not that turnkey after all? I could be wrong… I mean, I’ve never done it…

2) Acquire PLR products, combine them and create attractive PLR product packages and sell them.

People probably been doing this for years. TBH, you probably already heard about this one. The only setback here is that you would have to know how to setup and/or create sales copy after you do (or hire someone else to do) all the work.

3) Purchase PLR items and modify them to meet your customer’s requirements and then sell them.

This method is more than likely still employed. There are two ways to do this though:

You can modify them to your customer’s specific market or…

You can modify them to another customer’s market.

Say you are in the market of Fitness. If you are marketing to men ages 25-40, you could sell them weight lifting information and point them to products on amazon that would help them.

However, you can take that same information and modify it for women, or males ages 14-24, or males aged 40-60, etc.

There’s just gonna be some time spent re purposing it and fact checking/researching for things that could be added to each different niche within the market. If you’re an authority, this can get really easy because it’s (kinda) expected that you know this stuff cold.

Basically, put your spin on it.

4) Purchase PLR, modify them and then offer the modified version to sell as a unique PLR product itself.

In a way, I feel like I just said that. But… glancing at it again, here is where my comprehension messed up: “unique PLR product itself”.

Totally missed that.

What he means here is to take the PLR product you bought and change it up and sell PLR to it again as a “unique plr product”. This goes back to #1 when it comes to my doubts, and this is why:

High quality plr producers typically do not allow you to sell PLR to something they created to be PLR. Basically, they will stick some rules in there that might sound like this:

[YES] Can only sell Personal Rights after editing.

[YES] Can only sell after editing.

(I’m not saying all plr sellers do this, just some maybe…?)

So, make sure to email the plr seller about the rights before sending a $20 for a megapack of something you can’t sell plr to again.

5) Purchase PLR, modify them and then sell the resale rights to your new PLR.

You know, there was a guy by the name of… Edmund Loh that came out with a product called 8 ways to use PLR. Great read, I mean a really great read. This method came up in it, but I can’t really go too in depth. You just gotta get the product for yourself (Hint: it’s FREE).

6) Buy PLR and then resell them to different marketers.

This is also another method where you can buy PLR and resell them (unedited) to other marketers. Because of the simple fact that they are PLR, there’s no stopping you from editing them before selling them to fellow marketers.

My problem: It goes back to #1, where I’m not sure if I would add garbage or have to fact check and then I’m not an authority… sheesh.

Kinda discouraging.

However, I’ve realized that all you have to be is a great researcher and know how to add great stuff and sift out the bs. Put simply, if you know more than the person looking for the answer, you could be an authority that way.

Lastly, there’s a link I would like to share that kinda adds to this method and I think you would like it:



There’s one more method I want to add and that is:

7) Using PLR to create UNIQUE Selling PRODUCTS, and then selling the UNIQUE Product as PLR (later on).

This method is a little different but it can be used after the “unique PRODUCT ITSELF” was created. How it works is, you just take the unique product created FROM PLR and you now sell PLR to your unique product after trying to market it as a end product (kinda goes hand in hand with #4).

Lots of product owners love to do this after they typically run down their sales. So, to help you understand this better, here’s an example of what an Internet Marketer or product creator would do:

Say I created “Top 18 ways to Grab Advertising Traffic!” or “Shave 10 pounds in One Week!” or “5 Ways to Stay Safe while Soldering Electronics”.


When any of these products are launched, they might or might NOT get sales (that depends on marketing, launch tactics, email marketing, the whole 9 [whatever that is]).

So hypothetically, say I had 100 sales for the traffic product, 77 sales for the 10 pounds product and 20 sales for the soldering electronics product (after like 5 months, which is not that great).

SIDEBAR: Don’t mix/sell different products in different niches. That’s a plan for failure.

Anyway, what I’m saying is, after those 5 months, if I’m only getting about 1 sale per month, I might as well release the PLR rights to them to grab some new cash flow!

So, in essence, some marketers do that. They sell the PLR rights to… anyone, or a select number of chosen people, or their direct customers, etc. Some marketers may limit the amount they sell to keep the competition low and the integrity of their product high.

In a way, its a win-win because the original product owner gets a influx of money and the buyer of the “unique plr product” gets a product that he or she can turn into something new.

As said before, I’m not here to bash anybody. This is just a simple opinion on what I saw on the WF. The information the user posted is good but I had to add some extras. Maybe I might post some questions I have (that I’m thinking about) on the forum and see what the people say.

There could be a part 2 depending on what they do or don’t say.