Hey there.

Um, see I’ve been looking at something called PLR for a long time now. If I had to estimate, I would say about 5-10 years now. But the thing is, there was never really someone or a place that I could go directly to that was a great resource for monetizing, flipping and turning PLR into something new. For me, it felt like that never existed. To be blunt, there were too many resources!

So, since I could not find that resource and since I’ve been looking at this stuff for so long, I decided, why don’t I do it myself? Thus, PLR Game Changer was born.

Honestly, I really view this site as an archive for all things PLR included in the IM (Internet Marketing) world and the niche world. I really wanna look back at some point in the timeline and see just how many things can be saved here. I mean, lets be honest. I have gotten into a horrible habit of bookmarking things, and when you bookmark, it’s like you are storing it for later. Given that this site is available, I can now just post a link and be more inclined to view it again versus just bookmark it.

Plus, if I have this site, the findings and viewpoint I have could potentially help people with their search for PLR and how to use it.

With that said, I willingly took the leap. It was too easy, mainly because when I get up, at least ONE day out of the week the first thing I’m thinking about is PLR. Maybe not every day, but at least once. That’s what made this too easy to do. Also, its easy for me to write about it.

So, I hope this website helps you and if you ever have a question about something or you want to request me to cover something in the PLR field, please do not hesitate to email me at harolde@plrgamechanger.com

I wish you great success.


Harolde Bell