Keep track and manage your PLR products with this sofware…


So, some months ago (my 2nd post) I put up an idea for program creators and that was to make a program that helps to keep your plr files (ebooks, articles, etc) in one place.

Turns out someone was probably reading my blog or the word got out quick… cause literally 3 months later (while I wasn’t creating content for this blog) a new software called “PLR Organizer” comes out.

WHO would have thought!?!? (Shoot, if I had known that was gonna happen, I would be right on board for a launch.)

Anyway, so it came out and luckily, I was available to get it. I haven’t been able to use the program to its full potential yet (cause it’s just been on my computer, just “THERE”) but the program looks really good and would be a lot smoother if my computer wasn’t so slow.

Here’s what it looks like:


The program indexes Videos, Ebooks, Articles, Graphics, Software and Audio. Pretty much everything a typical marketer would use if they bought plr content in their niche.

What surprised me was the tasks/outsourcers section because IMO that is an advanced part of the program that could make this program worth a serious amount of money (if it isn’t already). To be honest, the perceived value is there already.

Lastly, the tools section even has a word processor… so there’s really no excuses when it comes to making/rewriting a plr product.

This product was made to manage plr products and the last thing I expected was a word processor. Open office and Microsoft Word already satisfy those requirements but an extra word processor doesn’t hurt at all.

I really like this product and I will be using it in the near future. Here’s the craziest part about this product:


Yes, to be honest, I really was hoping it wasn’t so I could do a full product review and “potentially” pre-sell it, but it’s FREE.

So, if you want it, click this link or the one below this one.

More content coming your way soon. Just gotta get back on it.

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