Check your PLR License Rules! + Bonus idea for program creators…

I was honestly supposed to post last week but I got caught up in a lot of stuff. On top of that, there’s not enough stuff going on in the PLR world to post about. I’m probably making excuses now but you get the point.

Send me an email with something you might wanna talk about regarding plr in some way and I’ll try to write about it on this site.

Anyway, if you don’t remember from the last post, I talked about plr sellers putting restrictions on the content they sell. One prime example of this was a guy named Gary Gross who sells Internet Marketing Articles on a monthly membership. Hopefully soon I will have a review of his membership up on this site but that is not the point I want to drive home right now.

The point is, when he had his rights publicly available to see, one of his rights in his PLR License kinda went something like this:

[YES] Has to be rewritten to 90% to be sold

As much as I would love to guess what some of the rest of the rules were (and I tried to… minor brainfreeze), I don’t wanna get in trouble with Mr. Gross for exposing his rules. Maybe if you get in contact with him yourself he might let you know.

All I’m saying is, not all PLR content is equal and some put some further restrictions on the content they sell.

You might wonder, WHY? Well, Here’s why:

If the plr content did not have that particular restriction (or other restrictions), the plr consumer (or buyer) would be able to do whatever they want with it, thus devaluing the work of the plr creator.

Say, for example, the plr creator had this in the license:

[YES] Has to be rewritten to 90% to be sold

[YES] Can only sell personal rights

and then switched it to something like this:

[YES] Can sell private label rights

[YES] Can sell unrestricted private label rights

[YES] Can sell with my name and likeness


That plr buyer would probably go BANANAS!! It’s almost like a plr buyer’s dream to get an unrestrticted plr product that can be sold over and over to anyone under the sun.

As a result of that, that same plr content ends up getting marketed on sites like “tradebit, e-junkie, ebay, fiverr, etc.” and so on and so forth. The price of the PLR product drops…….. really low, to almost less than a dollar.

BE HONEST, besides KINDLE, who would buy a product worth $0.99 cents!?!? And on top of that, from Tradebit ?

Hence the rules in the PLR License. This is why typical “High-quality” plr sellers will not allow you to sell their content unedited or not rewritten or sold again with plr rights. They honestly stand behind their PLR content as a “piece of content to start with, i.e. their rough draft, their brainstorm, their outline, etc.”

PLR content was made to help people make their own products and brand themselves in their own market. I don’t think it was meant to give a product marketer a new product to sell every week or to monetize their site with a bunch of fluff that nobody understands.

We gotta personalize it ourselves. By doing that, the fluff that nobody understands can turn into something new, educational and totally unheard of.


Bonus idea for you program creators

So, when I was in college, I was not really the programming type. However, I did get interested in some languages like C+ and python. I never really got back to it, maybe I should before the year is over.

Anyway, I came across a post on the WF talking about if there was a program that scanned all plr files and kept them in one place, or archived them. They could be articles, pdf’s, doc files, exe ebooks, softwares, png/psd files, softwares, etc.

Here’s the link:

I was thinking “that’s a great idea!” but then I realized that there is probably some program out there already doing this, but disguised cleverly as another name. So, for all you program creators, I challenge you to create something like this (before I try and struggle to) because honestly, this could be a nice help to all PLR hoarders worldwide.

Also, it could put quite a bit of cash in your pocket.

I’m just saying… the idea is there but the drive to make it is not there (at least with me). I don’t have the skill set to do this so, for someone that does, I would get cracking immediately.

You heard it here first! (well maybe second, WF caught it first)

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