[PRODUCT REVIEW] PLR Rewriting Formula

Hey there fellow PLRGameChanger fans!!!

I know it’s been a minute (or a long 3 months since I’ve had a post up on my blog). Without any more time wasted on this intro, let’s get going.

Today I will be doing the long awaited review of the product “PLR Rewriting Formula” by Arun Chandran. Let’s Go.

I always had a problem with rewriting PLR content. It never came easy. I went from product to product trying to rewrite my plr content using those products and none of them made it as easy as it seems. To be honest, some of ‘em y’all might be familiar with… (spinchimp, power article rewriter, magic article rewriter, spin rewriter, the best spinner, etc.)

I’m so glad that I never had the money to invest in any of those (but it’s not like I stole any of the products, they were just trials). However, a couple of years down the line I came across some free information online (regarding how to rewrite plr content).

This information did help me greatly but it really did nothing for me when I tried to fully rewrite my content or when I tried to achieve the 90-100% original rate when rewriting content. As a result of that, I either failed consistently, gave up, or took at least 4 hours trying to rewrite 1 PLR article.

With the creation of Arun’s guide, PLR Rewriting Formula, it helped to open my eyes to a whole ‘nother realm of rewriting that I had no idea about.


The price for this guide is $12.97 at this time but don’t get mad at me if the price goes up in the future (to like $27 or more… ‘cause it’s very well worth every penny). Let me say this again… the guide is easily worth more than $12.97.

You might wonder… Why is this guide so good and why would you put it above the others which are freely available via Google.com?

Simply put, the guide gives information that is out-of-the-box. It features strategies that employ a timer, it shows you how to rewrite a PLR article from top to bottom (using two different ways), it shows how to use article spinning software (like the ones above I called out), it shows you how to turn 1 article into multiple ones, it shows you how to check your content to see if it’s duplicate, it informs you about different ways to use your plr content without rewriting it and much more.

As a result of using this guide, you can definitely expect to become a better rewriter.

If you’re still reading this product review to this line, it can be assumed that 1. You are interested in the product and 2. You are interested in rewriting plr content or any content.

Who It’s For

Put simply, this product was made for users of Private Label Rights Content who spend too much time rewriting their PLR content. This guide was also made for users of PLR content who would like to speed up their rewriting time (i.e. the user takes 15 minutes to rewrite 1 plr article; the user would like to get their rewriting time down to 10 minutes).


One of the biggest benefits of this guide was the fact that it addressed multiple ways on how plr content can be used before it’s rewritten.

Aside from that, there are other benefits such as becoming a faster rewriter, freeing up time, becoming a better plr rewriter (or a better rewriter in general), learning different tactics on rewriting plr content and much more.


Given that I have quite a plethora of different “how to rewrite plr” guides… I’ve seen and heard of some of the methods in this guide. BUT… what this guide does is it shows multiple examples of the methods of rewriting. Most of the guides I read before reading “PLR Rewriting Formula” had 1 example. This guide has many. That’s what sets it apart from the others.

Also, the guide does not have a money-back guarantee. But again, the guide is worth every cent.

Similar Products

I don’t mean to be rude but I’ve already addressed that here in a previous post. The free/paid products on google.com are sufficient enough to get the job done…

Then again, those products aren’t the “PLR Rewriting Formula” and those products are kind of outdated.

Final Opinion

All in all, the PLR Rewriting Formula will help you to rewrite your PLR content or any regular content into unique content in a very short time using the tactics featured inside the guide.

All you have to do is follow the step by step instruction and rewriting plr will be a breeze. Even if you decide to use your plr in a different way, there are tactics that can employ your plr to be used without rewriting it.

If you are still dealing with the problem of rewriting plr content (and taking forever with it) then this is the guide for you. Click here to get it.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Because this is a product review, I placed affiliate links in this post for this guide. I do get compensated if you buy through my link and I would hope that you buy through my link.


If for any reason you want to go to the direct site (with no affiliate link), click here for the link.


Whew. I think this review took me about 2 hours to write. Forgive me for my writing as this is my first product review. Depending on when you read this, it may be the new year (2018) or way past it.

I’m hoping everyone has happy holidays and I’m hoping that I have more posts for you (my readers) on a regular basis. This escapade has gone on for long enough.


Written on Christmas Eve [12/24/17]

[FREE VIDEOS] How to Rebrand your PLR Ebooks 

Well… some internet marketers might hate me for pulling attention to this one… but it is what it is.

In fact, my good friend (his excellency) Arun has these great videos on figuring out a PLR strategy. On his website (flaminghotplr.com) he also sells plr content and gives ways to use it (like I do!)

To top it off, he also has a readily accessible video course on rebranding your plr ebooks and creating funnels for them. For FREE.

Check it out at: flaminghotplr.com/plr-course

Mind you, while we’re at it, I might as well give you another trusted source. His name is Aurelius Tjin and his site is unstoppableplr.com

He’s got a 2-hour PLR training camp that he is hosting. All for FREE on the same topic (of rebranding/rewriting plr).

Check it out at: unstoppableplr.com/plr-training-camp

You might wonder,

“Why would you think that internet marketers might hate you for this?”

It’s really ’cause I’m basically giving you a link to a paid product (for free, hosted at someone else’s site).

The same product that these “im marketers” are selling (on Udemy or wherever else) someone else is giving away for free… and I have made note of that. You see, while we can still edit plr videos and stuff and add our own brand/watermark in front of it, it’s still the same video.

With that said, its easy to remember watching the same video multiple times despite whatever branding was in place. But, if the information is sound then it doesn’t really matter.

The information in the videos are still relevant. That’s the only reason why I would let you guys see it.

And oh yeah, its FREE.

p.s. I still have not gotten to looking at the PLR strategy videos… but they look jam packed full of information based off of the thumbnails to the videos. Do yourself a favor and look at the two rebranding video courses I posted (FlamingHotPLR, Unstoppable PLR) first, then look at the PLR strategies course.

p.s.s. The review is coming soon. Till next time!

What’s your best free traffic method for promoting rebranded/rewritten plr products?

So I always thought of this in the back of my head. But it didn’t necessarily go like this.

Let me explain. You see, the idea of promoting plr products sounds great, especially after you have either rebranded them or rewrote the content. But then what?

You may come across a biz-in-a-box type offer every now and then, or every week! All of these usually have the same type of “take action guidelines” which are:

  1. Customize
  2. Upload
  3. Send traffic
  4. Profit!

Sounds great, right!?? Maybe, and I’ll tell you why I picked maybe.

Customize is just like what we just talked about (up above these sentences, rebrand, rewrite, etc.)

Upload. Basically upload your files. Duh.

Send traffic. Whoooooooooooooa. Hold up. You mean send traffic to the sales page? How do I do that?

Good question.

Well if you look at one of my past posts you’ll see that I put an all in one traffic guide out there for free (I didn’t write it, I tried to give the creator credit but he/she disappeared).

But, that all in one guide is geared more towards a continuity type setup (or more like a niche setup). To break this down, the guide I gave you for free applies to one niche at a time.

Which means that I can’t rebrand/rewrite multiple plr ebooks and promote it with the tactics in the all in one traffic guide.

Put simply, the guide was made to help one niche and not multiple (niches at the same time, under one domain, etc.)

Now I’m not saying you can’t make a living off of rebranding/rewriting plr products and selling them. You can. BUT… where are you going to get this traffic from? Are you going to create multiple blogs for each product and their respective content for each?

(Mind you, blogs are not necessary to promote a product. BUT, it does give huge benefits to the owner of the site [i.e. its a homepage or a site that people can go back to vs. just promoting on an email list where nobody knows you or can’t really get to know you unless they reply back to an email, which is very slim!])

Say you had 10 products. That’s 10 extra blogs! Mind you, tack on the SEO work and the auto responder (the money is in the list, remember?)

Now what if that number goes up to 20 blogs, 30, maybe 50 or 100!?!? The potential is huge but the workload would be enormous for one person. So with that said, unless you have an outsourcing team who can take care of this, blogging is pretty much off the list unfeasible.

Facebook and solo ads are great, but they cost money!!!! But if you got the money, might as well. But for those who are not that fortunate and are hoping to turn their last $20 into $100, what do they do?

Free traffic methods. That’s what we have to do. We got to get our traffic the free way, by spending our time to drive traffic to our site(s). At the time of this writing, there is no clear-cut guaranteed method for free traffic (yet).  Simply put, there are too many methods for free traffic. Worst of all, the time spent trying to get free traffic you will never get back.

So why don’t we make this pretty efficient and put out all our best “free traffic methods” for others to learn about.

Paid traffic is good but if I can get it for free? Now you’re talking my language.

I did a little bit of research cause I didn’t want to leave this post high and dry. I ended up finding a link on the warrior forum to an all-in-one traffic tips thread. I was really hoping on finding strictly “free traffic methods” but this should suffice until I come up with something else. I sincerely hope this is helpful for you.


P.S. The reason customers (or users of plr) can buy these biz in a box(es) or all these different types of plr is because they are actually using it due to already having a following. What do we do if we do not have a following yet?

Till next time… and I know I said I would do that product review. Hopefully it’s next.

How To Rewrite PLR Content


I can tell you (in my opinion) how to do this… but in reality it wouldn’t make much sense. Why?

Because if you took the title of this post and placed it in google, there would be more than enough information for you to learn how to do this.

SIDEBAR: Don’t worry about how much tabs I got open lol.

Case in point, or point proved? Cool. Maybe somewhere down the line I might create a guide as to how I do it. But for now, telling you to go to google will suffice.

The amount of results on google that teach how to rewrite plr content makes me scared of putting up this post… why?

‘Cause I know I’m not going to get ANY link juice from google. It’s flooded… and I didn’t even get into direct results (like quotes around keywords, using the actual keyword, etc.)

In actuality, all I did was type something like “how to rewrite plr” and the google keyword suggest under suggested “how-to-rewrite-plr-content.pdf”. Given that I like to read and it’s in my field, I was like “what the hell, lets search that.”

About 40,800 results popped up. Out of the top 10 results on the first page, FOUR of them were pdf’s.

I definitely got what I asked for. Even if you don’t like to read… the video section pulled up 1,370 results! Granted, not all of them were helping people how to rewrite plr content so that might be an avenue that I could exploit in the future for more traffic…

But seriously, just go to google. If you’re too lazy to type it, I got you. Just click the link below to google the keyword I put in.


I was thinking about giving you the lmgtfy links to the direct keyword (how to rewrite plr content) as well as it in quotes. But I don’t want you to get sidetracked. Just click the link or search it. Too many nuggets of information to pass up on.

P.s. As a follow up to my most recent post, Fergal did get in contact with me. He gave me the right to share his course… but I lost it. I deleted it off the one place I thought it was secure… my tablet. So if anyone has a spare copy and is willing to send it to me, God bless your heart. Till next time…

[CASE STUDY] How I managed to make $8 from Fiverr using PLR/MRR products

Hey again. Long time no hear, I slack too much eh?

So, I decided to finally bite the bullet and release this case study. Lets go.

So, some years back (2013) I came across a method that a man called Fergal Downes gave me due to a free WSO in the WSO section of the warrior forum.

Here’s the link: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers/626107-free-fiverr-wso-1000-per-month-fiverr-method-only-work-30-mins-per-day-free-video-course.html

It was called Fiverr Sniper and I think it was a 7 part video course. (I actually still have it… maybe if I ask Fergal he might let me give it away… lol)

Anyway, I started to use the video course in late November of 2013… and I did make TWO sales (lmaoo) but this is where I screwed up…

There’s a specific part in one of his videos where he says to (and i’m paraphrasing) “use good quality products from master-resale-rights.com”

(I can’t really delve more into this information without asking permission first, so I’ll do that asap and get back to this specific part.)

I decided to use very old products that you, your mom, pop, kids and grandparents could probably find on the net for free (even today).

You wanna know how old? Look at the one (and only) product I am selling on this site now. That’s how old.

(I may most likely add more products to this site so the previous statement may most likely be invalid by the time you’re reading this… so to make things clear, the title of the product was “7 Ways to Affiliate Profit”.)

I sold that product and many others out of that “package”… if you feel me. I did a two-for-one deal, so If you bought one gig, you could have another gig for free.

AND IT WORKED!!!!! For a little bit of time…

Until the second buyer I had smartened up and had found my products I was selling somewhere else… He had demanded I refund him, but instead I sent him a more in depth product on what he was specifically looking for (and he was ok with that).

All in all, because that happened, I wasn’t really ecstatic on continuing to sell “those products” on fiverr, so they eventually drifted off and paused themselves or got deleted one way or another, either by me or fiverr.

Also, some products just couldn’t be sold on fiverr at all. (“21 Income Streams” lol)

SO, if you want to make this work for you, here’s what I would suggest:

Go ahead and get plr and mrr products and market them well on fiverr. BUT MAKE SURE THEY ARE CONCRETE-SOLID in terms of INFORMATION. Lastly, if you could distinguish from the original product (by rebranding, or changing, rewriting, etc.) before you sell it then your products will be on a whole different level.

Only problem is that for some (LIKE ME WHO ARE TOO LAZY), it may take too much time or work to do so. But look on the bright side; at least you’re not creating a sales page and all that jazz…


I think I might jump back into this one. I thought I had it good by just (recently) releasing a product that is SOLID in terms of information but I never really fleshed out all 20 gigs on my profile (to pull customers due to giving away a free extra gig) and I didn’t make it easy to attract customers (via image or video promotion).

So, of course I wasn’t making any sales (STILL NOT). But, when I did make those two sales, they came pretty fast due to the promotions on site of fiverr.

So, yep, there you have it. I’m gonna get in contact with Fergal and see if I can drop more information here… but I hope he doesn’t kill me for dropping this one for your future research:


At least the silver lining for me here is… I still have a 5 star record on fiverr?

25 Ways to Reuse your PLR Content + My Preferred Go-to AIO Traffic Guide

Hi again.

So, it’s been a hot minute, eh? On my twitter account I made a tweet saying I would do a case study on how I made $8 in a month off fiverr… I’m not entirely sure if I’m going to do that anymore… I feel as if I may embarass myself lol…

Anyway, I’ve got something free for you again that’s full of value. If you haven’t already googled and downloaded it, you can get it right here. The name of the guide is 25 ways to Reuse your PLR content by Jeremy Burns.

Unfortunately, in this guide there are a bunch of links that may lead to nowhere and I’m sorry for that but nonetheless, the information is really what I want you guys to grasp here. I feel like Jeremy really did a good job with this one and I’d hate for y’all to miss out on some “gold nuggets” he has in the report.

Anyway, get it here.

Lastly, I also have a traffic guide for you that is my go-to first before everything else. The guide is jam packed with information and I feel that a good amount of it is still current. Now, as for you seo buffs, you might try to tear me down by saying something about google updates and such and such…

But it’s still a good guide regardless of that. I highly urge you to take a read. Get it here.

Besides, all this stuff is FREE. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of that?

Why bother selling MRR/PLR products as is anymore?

Hi again.

So I recently set up a shop to sell some MRR/plr products I have. But, if you have been a constant hoarder of these type of products, you might wonder “why am I selling these?”

You might say, “they’re old, out of date and basically unusable”. And you might be correct.

Well, my reasoning for selling them (now at least) is because there might be someone out there searching for them and nobody else is carrying/selling them.

You might say in response, “but everyone is selling them! You’re in a lot of competition.”

Well, I’ve decided to just deal with that. In my opinion, there’s got to be a better way to promote/drive traffic to these products. Do I know what that method is yet? No, but I’m going to find out via trial/error.

But then you might say, “everyone is selling them on better websites that have better seo coverage that yours. What’s your unique selling proposition (USP)?”

I really don’t got nothing for this question. I mean, in one ebook it said you could promote any old PLR/MRR as long as you can either update the information (for PLR) or add a bonus that contains an update to the information (for MRR).

Either way you have to provide something content worthy.

But if we get back to my response, I said I got nothing. I have no USP (in this case) unless someone wants to provide me with a better one…. then I would be eternally grateful.

I’m just too lazy to provide bonuses to hundreds of MRR/PLR files.

To be honest, there are too many MRR/PLR files out to do that, and if someone can achieve that (manage to re-edit and/or add bonuses to hundreds of MRR/PLR products) then the world is theirs.

But, as I said again, just too lazy. Case in point, I haven’t posted too much here.

You know, I originally thought of selling on tradebit but if you haven’t noticed, tradebit and pligg got something going on that I’m not too comfortable with. So, I decided to take advantage of what woocommerce has to give me.

Anyway, I feel like I want to give everybody a chance to collect/use and potentially sell the products I have offered here in at least their unaltered fashion.

Is that too much to ask!?

Lol. Just kidding.

Lastly, I feel like selling them unaltered (for now) should be alright because I want people to be able to get the unaltered version. Whenever I decide to edit and add/reformat… etc (make it my own, add my spin, etc) then there will obviously be a distinct difference from the original(s).

But I guess this should suffice for now.

Let me know, what do you think? Would I be congesting the internet with more old products? What do you think of my decision to do this? What should I do differently (or not at all lol)?

P.s if you’re looking for more information on this topic, feel free to check out the links below:




Till next time…

The PLR Content SECRETS you ALWAYS wanted to know…


I know it has been a while since a post has been up on here. I’m going to change that hopefully.

Anyways, here today I have for you a product (but not being marketed as a product) that’s absolutely free.

It’s kind of recent but the knowledge in it is very evergreen.

The name of it is “PLR Secrets Exposed” and it’s written by a guy named Arun Chandran. He currently has his own site at flaminghotplr.com and he provides plr content as well as some very engaging emails. There’s also a bonus access to another “membership” he gives you if you get something from him but I can’t go into too much details about that.

The PLR Content SECRETS you ALWAYS wanted to know...

So, if I were you, I would go out and get this guide asap. The masterpiece Arun created has some really good stuff in it. It has so much that even I re-read it from time to time.

To be honest, I believe that when he created this, he may have used a rule that made it easier for him to create it (articles/posts > ebooks) but I’m not going to delve into that either.

Just trust me when I say there’s a lot to learn here when it comes to using your plr content. Oh, and did I mention that it’s FREE?

Grab it when you can: http://deals.flaminghotplr.com/plr-secrets-exposed/

But before I let you go to read that monster of a ebook…

I would be crazy and very selfish if I did not bring your attention to this guide created by contentshortcuts.com

The title simply says “How do you use PLR to Slay your Competition

I mean… if that isn’t enough for you to jump at the link I’m about to post, I really don’t know what’s going to help you (lol).

‘Cause I know I did when I saw it in google after searching for something plr related. To be honest, I was really wondering why it was not being sold…

So, yes this one is also FREE.

Grab it when you can: http://www.contentshortcuts.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/How-Do-You-Use-PLR-to-Slay-Your-Competition.pdf

I would say grab them asap ’cause you never know when they are going to go off the net… or the link just disappears… or the domain name changes… etc.

Pretty much, you never know what could happen with the availability of these ebooks. So, just get them now. Straight up.

p.s. This reminds me of my recent post with the plr organizing software… Crazy thing is they created a new version, so that would be the next post coming soon. I’m going to put it up regardless of affiliate links or not.

Keep track and manage your PLR products with this sofware…


So, some months ago (my 2nd post) I put up an idea for program creators and that was to make a program that helps to keep your plr files (ebooks, articles, etc) in one place.

Turns out someone was probably reading my blog or the word got out quick… cause literally 3 months later (while I wasn’t creating content for this blog) a new software called “PLR Organizer” comes out.

WHO would have thought!?!? (Shoot, if I had known that was gonna happen, I would be right on board for a launch.)

Anyway, so it came out and luckily, I was available to get it. I haven’t been able to use the program to its full potential yet (cause it’s just been on my computer, just “THERE”) but the program looks really good and would be a lot smoother if my computer wasn’t so slow.

Here’s what it looks like:


The program indexes Videos, Ebooks, Articles, Graphics, Software and Audio. Pretty much everything a typical marketer would use if they bought plr content in their niche.

What surprised me was the tasks/outsourcers section because IMO that is an advanced part of the program that could make this program worth a serious amount of money (if it isn’t already). To be honest, the perceived value is there already.

Lastly, the tools section even has a word processor… so there’s really no excuses when it comes to making/rewriting a plr product.

This product was made to manage plr products and the last thing I expected was a word processor. Open office and Microsoft Word already satisfy those requirements but an extra word processor doesn’t hurt at all.

I really like this product and I will be using it in the near future. Here’s the craziest part about this product:


Yes, to be honest, I really was hoping it wasn’t so I could do a full product review and “potentially” pre-sell it, but it’s FREE.

So, if you want it, click this link or the one below this one.


More content coming your way soon. Just gotta get back on it.

Check your PLR License Rules! + Bonus idea for program creators…

I was honestly supposed to post last week but I got caught up in a lot of stuff. On top of that, there’s not enough stuff going on in the PLR world to post about. I’m probably making excuses now but you get the point.

Send me an email with something you might wanna talk about regarding plr in some way and I’ll try to write about it on this site.

Anyway, if you don’t remember from the last post, I talked about plr sellers putting restrictions on the content they sell. One prime example of this was a guy named Gary Gross who sells Internet Marketing Articles on a monthly membership. Hopefully soon I will have a review of his membership up on this site but that is not the point I want to drive home right now.

The point is, when he had his rights publicly available to see, one of his rights in his PLR License kinda went something like this:

[YES] Has to be rewritten to 90% to be sold

As much as I would love to guess what some of the rest of the rules were (and I tried to… minor brainfreeze), I don’t wanna get in trouble with Mr. Gross for exposing his rules. Maybe if you get in contact with him yourself he might let you know.

All I’m saying is, not all PLR content is equal and some put some further restrictions on the content they sell.

You might wonder, WHY? Well, Here’s why:

If the plr content did not have that particular restriction (or other restrictions), the plr consumer (or buyer) would be able to do whatever they want with it, thus devaluing the work of the plr creator.

Say, for example, the plr creator had this in the license:

[YES] Has to be rewritten to 90% to be sold

[YES] Can only sell personal rights

and then switched it to something like this:

[YES] Can sell private label rights

[YES] Can sell unrestricted private label rights

[YES] Can sell with my name and likeness


That plr buyer would probably go BANANAS!! It’s almost like a plr buyer’s dream to get an unrestrticted plr product that can be sold over and over to anyone under the sun.

As a result of that, that same plr content ends up getting marketed on sites like “tradebit, e-junkie, ebay, fiverr, etc.” and so on and so forth. The price of the PLR product drops…….. really low, to almost less than a dollar.

BE HONEST, besides KINDLE, who would buy a product worth $0.99 cents!?!? And on top of that, from Tradebit ?

Hence the rules in the PLR License. This is why typical “High-quality” plr sellers will not allow you to sell their content unedited or not rewritten or sold again with plr rights. They honestly stand behind their PLR content as a “piece of content to start with, i.e. their rough draft, their brainstorm, their outline, etc.”

PLR content was made to help people make their own products and brand themselves in their own market. I don’t think it was meant to give a product marketer a new product to sell every week or to monetize their site with a bunch of fluff that nobody understands.

We gotta personalize it ourselves. By doing that, the fluff that nobody understands can turn into something new, educational and totally unheard of.


Bonus idea for you program creators

So, when I was in college, I was not really the programming type. However, I did get interested in some languages like C+ and python. I never really got back to it, maybe I should before the year is over.

Anyway, I came across a post on the WF talking about if there was a program that scanned all plr files and kept them in one place, or archived them. They could be articles, pdf’s, doc files, exe ebooks, softwares, png/psd files, softwares, etc.

Here’s the link: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-internet-marketing-discussion-forum/187496-plr-your-computer.html

I was thinking “that’s a great idea!” but then I realized that there is probably some program out there already doing this, but disguised cleverly as another name. So, for all you program creators, I challenge you to create something like this (before I try and struggle to) because honestly, this could be a nice help to all PLR hoarders worldwide.

Also, it could put quite a bit of cash in your pocket.

I’m just saying… the idea is there but the drive to make it is not there (at least with me). I don’t have the skill set to do this so, for someone that does, I would get cracking immediately.

You heard it here first! (well maybe second, WF caught it first)